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2023 Meals and Entertainment Landscape: A Comprehensive Overview of Business Meal Deductions


In the ever-evolving realm of tax regulations, staying informed about deductions and allowances is crucial for any business owner. With the new year comes a fresh perspective on the business meal deduction and changes to entertainment deductions. In this blog, we'll provide you with a helicopter view of the adjustments that have taken place for 2023 and beyond, ensuring you're well-prepared to navigate the shifting terrain of meals and entertainment in the business world while optimizing your online presence.

The 50 Percent Rule: Business Meal Deductions

In 2023, the landscape of business meal deductions has seen significant alterations. The once-universal 100 percent deduction for business meals in restaurants, applicable in 2021 and 2022, has now transitioned to a 50 percent deduction. This change requires businesses to adjust their budgeting and financial strategies accordingly, recognizing that only half of the expenses incurred for business meals can be deducted.

Entertainment Deductions: What's New

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought about notable changes in the realm of entertainment deductions. Some previously allowable deductions, such as costs associated with golf outings with clients and prospects, have been eliminated. To provide a clear understanding of the current landscape, here's a comprehensive table outlining what is now permissible under the law for 2023 and the years ahead:

Table of Business Meal Deductions and Entertainment Deductions

Key Takeaways

The table above encapsulates various scenarios related to business meals and entertainment, ranging from in-house employee meals to meals with clients and prospects. It also highlights non-deductible expenses, such as meals following non-deductible rounds of golf.

This overview demonstrates that while some deductions have been curtailed, others remain fully deductible. For instance, team-building recreational events for employees are still 100 percent deductible, but outings with best customers like golf, theater, or football games fall under the non-deductible category.


In the dynamic world of tax regulations, staying updated is paramount. This blog has provided you with a comprehensive view of the changes in business meal and entertainment deductions for 2023 and beyond. Whether you're planning client dinners, employee events, or other forms of business entertainment, understanding the nuances of deductions will enable you to make informed financial decisions and ensure compliance with the evolving tax landscape while enhancing your online visibility through strategic keywords.

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Disclaimer: Laws and regulations are subject to change, and readers are advised to consult EPL advisors for personalized advice and compliance with specific state requirements. This information is not specific advice and is meant for general education.


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